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Nature Study: A yearlong gentle nature compendium

Nature Study: A yearlong gentle nature compendium

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A yearlong gentle nature study for you and your children. Focused and comprehensive, but simple enough to actually implement into your life, this 16-page digital download includes a monthly rhythm, links to helpful resources, nature journaling supplies, and instructions on how to create a basic phenology wheel.

Each month has a particular theme/focus. The monthly rhythm is as follows:

Week 1 -  Introduction + Nature exploration + Journaling + Read aloud (and narration)

Week 2 - Nature exploration + Journaling + Poem (copy a favorite line in journal)

Week 3 - Nature exploration + Journaling + Activity

Week 4 - Nature exploration + Journaling + Phenology Wheel

This study features Julia Rothman’s Nature Anatomy book as a guide. Supplemental book recommendations, poems, and activities are included. All you need is approximately 45 minutes each week to implement this nature study into your rhythm.

Time outdoors has been one of my most beloved parts of homeschooling as it has facilitated a deep appreciation of nature in my children and a togetherness in our family. I pray that for you as well!