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Morning Psalms: A devotional guide for children through 26 psalms

Morning Psalms: A devotional guide for children through 26 psalms

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Morning Psalms is a devotional guide for children through 26 psalms. This resource was born out of a desire to share the psalms in a tangible way with our own children and we share it with you in hopes that it will provide practical, spirit-filled inspiration for other Jesus loving families. 

We have included five overarching prompts for each psalm. They are as follows:

  • ENGAGE THE PSALM: thoughtful conversation prompts for each psalm

  • WRITE THE PSALM: printable verse cards for each psalm to trace or copy

  • PAINT THE PSALM: encouraging children to paint an image from the psalm (prompts provided)

  • BRING THE PSALM TO LIFE: thoughtful ways to experience the psalm through nature, art, cooking, and more

  • SEE CHRIST IN THE PSALM: how Jesus has come to fulfill the longings of our hearts through the psalm

Incorporating the psalms into our morning rhythm has been such a sweet way to begin our day as a family and with the Lord, hence the name “Morning Psalms.” We hope that you will use these as a guide and incorporate them into your life in a way that seems fitting for your family.

We typically spend two weeks per psalm, expounding on the prompts as desired and skipping days as needed. With 26 psalms, this adds up to a year-long devotional for us. To supplement the five prompts, on other days we simply practice reciting the focus verse, reading the psalm aloud, or listening to the song suggestions while doing quiet activities at the table. It seems to be best suited for for older preschool and elementary-aged children (4-12 years old). Obviously conversation around the psalm would vary based on age, and we also provide some simple variants for older and younger children. You don't need anything but your bible and a printer for the verse cards... everything else is conversation-based or using supplies easily found around your home.

We hope this resource will be simple enough to actually implement into your lives, yet rIch enough to draw your family to the Lord. Our deepest prayer is that you would experience the love of Christ in new and beautiful ways as you journey through the psalms together.

This is a 42-page PDF digital download. Please note that after downloading, some phones and tablets require you to open the file in iBooks or Kindle if you do not have an automatic PDF reader.

Feel free to check out a sample on the main resource page if you'd like to peruse before purchasing!