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Honeybee Unit Study: A comprehensive study in 8 engaging lessons

Honeybee Unit Study: A comprehensive study in 8 engaging lessons

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A rich resource on the beauty of bees in eight engaging lessons. 

This simple yet comprehensive study is geared specifically for elementary and middle school students, though we believe people of any age can learn a great deal within its pages. The lessons are easy to adjust according to your students specific ages and abilities. We designed this unit with home-educating families in mind, but it is easily adaptable to accommodate a more traditional classroom setting. 

Lessons include poetry, supplemental reading and videos, nature journaling prompts, recipes, tutorials, art, and copywork pages to accompany. Also included in the study are trivia cards and worksheet printables.

The lessons are as follows:

1. Bees, Plants + Seeds

2. Flowers to Food: Nectar + Pollen

3. Hive Building Blocks: Wax + Propolis

4. Egg to Adult: Maturation of a Baby Bee

5. Anatomy of a Honeybee

6. Queens, Drones + Worker Bees

7. Hive Communication: Pheromones + Dances

8. Beekeeping 101

This is a wonderful resource for eager learners and aspiring beekeepers alike, though we plan to release a download soon specifically covering the basics of how to get started keeping bees.

We hope this will be a sweet resource for you. We have grown quite fond of these fascinating little creatures over the past seven years as beekeepers and it brings us such joy to share what we have learned with you.

Please note that after downloading, some phones and tablets require you to open the file in iBooks or Kindle if you do not have an automatic PDF reader.

Feel free to check out a sample lesson on the main resource page if you'd like to peruse before purchasing!