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FREE Living Colors Sample

FREE Living Colors Sample

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Enjoy a free sample of the color green, an excerpt lesson from our Living Colors curriculum. This is a great way to get a feel for the rhythm, content and flow of the curriculum before purchasing. This 13-page PDF digital download is a complete weeklong lesson that we hope will be a practical and purposeful resource for your family.

This learning resource is designed for preschoolers, but easily adaptable for younger ones and is both gentle yet developmentally sound. We take an eclectic approach to learning and cover a wide range of subjects and styles, embracing inspiration from Charlotte Mason, Montessori, Waldorf, and more. 

The following subjects are thoughtfully incorporated into this lesson: Reading & Comprehension, Nature Appreciation, Fine Motor Skills, Large Motor Skills, Practical Life Skills, Art & Music, Counting Skills, & Multi-Sensory Phonics. 

Please note: It is required to input your name and address at check-out, but you do NOT have to enter your credit card information. Also, after downloading, some phones and tablets require you to open the file in iBooks or Kindle if you do not have an automatic PDF reader.