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Bilingual Color Cards

Bilingual Color Cards

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This is an 11-page PDF digital download of flashcards to accompany the Living Colors unit. These cards were designed to provide a sensory-rich resource to help children make a real and living connection with learning the colors.

Included are real-life photographs of the ten most common colors, along with corresponding word cards for the color name in both English and Spanish as well as the object in the photograph. There are 4 cards per color for a complete 40 card set. You may print at home or an office supply store. You can choose to laminate the cards or use a glossy card stock or never-tear paper for printing purposes. There are crop markings for cutting guides and each card will measure 3.75 x 5 inches when cut. 

These cards are a simple, go-to learning resource that can be used in a variety of unique and creative ways. Our favorite ways include games of memory and go fish. You can also pair the cards with simple objects for color matching, use with play dough for  phonogram review, practice sight words, copywork, and more. The great thing about these cards is their creative, multi-purposeful use. 

Please note that after downloading, some phones and tablets require you to open the file in iBooks or Kindle if you do not have an automatic PDF reader.