This Humble Hive

Kind Words


This Humble Hive does a great job of incorporating learning into everyday life. The lessons feel really natural to me and have the potential for each family to teach something deeper than your average preschool arts and crafts.

I’m really grateful for this curriculum that provides me with a shopping list and instructions. I don’t have to pin a million things anymore and then get overwhelmed at the options and never follow through. This is perfect for us.

This Humble Hive is thoughtful, natural, simple, but rich. There is depth here. The lessons aren’t loaded with worksheets and overwhelming crafts. There is creativity and planning involved, but it’s manageable. The content is beautifully presented, portrayed, and mostly, lived out! What a blessing it will be to many, many families of preschoolers.

Your material is unique, gentle, and developmentally sound. You can feel the heart behind every word, every book, and every activity. We love it.