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DIY Gratitude Nest


"How can any grammar skill outweigh the fact that they don't know the language of grace and thanks? Focusing on what is beautiful, good, true - isn't this the truest education?"

{ A. Voskamp }


We started the week learning about the color blue by painting robin's eggs and making simple bird's nests by arranging pine straw, moss, and twigs in a bowl. Then, we talked about the things we are thankful for and made the nests into "gratitude nests." 

Cut out egg shapes on cardstock paper. Paint, color or decorate the eggs as you so desire. As a family, have each person write or draw something on the egg that they are grateful for while sharing aloud and placing the egg in your homemade bird's nest. Provide reminders or suggestions for your child as needed. 

Many kids don't really understand the word "thankful." But, they do understand things that they "love", things that make them "happy", and things that are "good" in their days. So, find a word that your child can connect with and go from there! They are likely learning by your example anyway. 

We have found this to be an easy, but tangible way to intentionally practice gratitude as a family and to focus on the good in our days and the beauty that's all around us. The nest stays on our table and we do it often. Or we re-read through previous thanksgivings before a meal or craft or coloring. It's becoming more of a habit and less of an activity, and that's a beautiful, beautiful thing. 

An excerpt from The Color Blue, which is included in our Colors Unit available here

Tyler Hardee