This Humble Hive


Creating a Space


"'Tis the gift to be simple, 'Tis the gift to be free, 'Tis the gift to come down where we ought to be. And when we find ourselves in the place just right, 'Twill be in the valley of love & delight."

{ A. Krauss }

We are right in the midst of these preschool years ourselves. Soaking them in and sometimes just surviving the days. As we began this journey, we so deeply wanted to create a space in our lives for intentional learning and togetherness as a family. It has definitely taken a lot of prayer and time and thoughtfulness. But the result? Such beauty. Such purpose. Such life.

Of course we think this is every parent’s greatest intention: to truly live and thrive together. It definitely was ours. But, without some forethought and planning, the days often seemed to pass us by.

Such began our heart's cry and why we created This Humble Hive... In hope that the things we've learned (and are learning, present tense!) might help foster more purposeful, meaningful times in your family, too. 

In creating a space in our hearts and day-to-day lives, we’ve also realized the importance of creating a practical space in your home for this as well. A place that is simple and inviting and orderly. If you have a house that accommodates a special, set-aside learning area for your child, by all means, go for it. All we’ve got is our kitchen table. But, we do our best to keep things supplied, organized, and quickly available for use. It has helped us SO much to prepare and to readily have things on hand, instead of scrambling last minute or not even knowing what to do or where to start.

These things take some thoughtful planning. It’s okay if it doesn’t happen overnight. And not just supplies, but scheduling. Looking at our weeks. Planning ahead. Getting the library books that we need in time. We are continually learning and re-learning what works for us. And grace covers it all.

So, here’s our Home Preschool Supply List (things we use and re-use often in our lessons). Don’t think that you need to get it all tomorrow. Just start somewhere and grow as you go. 

Tyler Hardee