This Humble Hive



We're so grateful you found us. This Humble Hive is simply an overflow of our hearts. A space to share thoughtful resources for children, both ours and yours. It's also a space to share our family hobby and small business of beekeeping. This Humble Hive was born out of a hope to bring purpose and presence to the things that fill our days, and we pray that these products would bless your family as they have our own. 

We are Tyler & Kelly Hardee and we live on a little piece of land south of Nashville, Tennessee - keeping bees and loving deep. We are in the midst of those slow, sweet early years with our two little ones, cultivating a lifestyle and rhythm that feels authentic to the deep yearnings of our souls as well as how to best tend to the hearts, minds and bodies of our children (and ourselves). All is grace. 

We are lovers of Jesus and pray more than anything that we would be people who seek His face and know His embrace, who give our lives to the only one worth living for.